swoon is a fashion blog by fashion stylist & re-fashion designer red bird, aka amanda dugay forrester, owner of red bird vintage, an online vintage boutique. Many pictures I have found & I don't claim to have taken them. Some I did take-- it's pretty easy to tell the difference. xo about amanda dugay forrester: Kooky gal from coastal Maine. Whimsical princess meets street meets punk, with some Old Hollywood glam thrown in for good measure. I enjoy taking photos, styling, thrifting, curating vintage collections, writing, asian cuisine, & riding my bikes. about red bird vintage: re-inventing vintage apparel & accessories as well as collecting, styling, & selling vintage wares. www.redbirdvintage.net bloglovin
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And also on my mind…
  1. And also on my mind…

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    I met his girlfriend once after seeing her in a show in New York. She was a sweetheart.
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    I love this man!
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