swoon is a fashion blog by fashion stylist & re-fashion designer red bird, aka amanda dugay forrester, owner of red bird vintage, an online vintage boutique. Many pictures I have found & I don't claim to have taken them. Some I did take-- it's pretty easy to tell the difference. xo about amanda dugay forrester: Kooky gal from coastal Maine. Whimsical princess meets street meets punk, with some Old Hollywood glam thrown in for good measure. I enjoy taking photos, styling, thrifting, curating vintage collections, writing, asian cuisine, & riding my bikes. about red bird vintage: re-inventing vintage apparel & accessories as well as collecting, styling, & selling vintage wares. www.redbirdvintage.net bloglovin
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  1. I’m so excited to see the fruits of our labor, which will be in the form of a full spread of photographs by NH-based photographer Henrique Plantikow. In the meantime, here’s some behind the scenes shots by Nicolle Saylor, who also acted as fashion assistant on the shoot. Fashion styling by Amanda Dugay Forrester. Hair & makeup by Maya Landi. Clothing from Artifaktori Vintage, and stylist’s own.  Orange headpiece by ‘Amanda Amanda’ (collab of redbirdvintage & damadesign). Bear Brook State Park NH— April 15, 2012

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